Benefits of a New High Efficient Air Conditioner

Research shows that up-to 65% of energy that is used in a typical Canadian home goes to heating and cooling purposes. As a homeowner, it is vital to make informed decisions about your heating and cooling systems. Air conditioners are important in our homes because they help in keeping the house cool and comfortable. However, an old inefficient air conditioning system will only lead to energy loss and increased energy costs. By replacing your old air conditioner unit with a new high-efficiency air conditioning system, you will reduce your energy expenses. The following are benefits of high-efficiency air conditioners:

Reduced energy bills

High-efficiency air conditioners will help in reducing your energy costs by a huge margin. These modern ac systems are designed to use less energy and do not waste any energy in the process of cooling your home.Older air conditioning systems operate around 65 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), and the remaining 35 percent is lost in the process. This means that, when you install the new high-efficiency air conditioner, you will be saving thousands of dollars.

Enhanced cooling performance

With the latest improvements, for example variable-speed control, modulating gas valves as well as other advances, new high-efficiency units produce even heating, provide constant heating levels, consistent air flow and offer superior control than the older air conditioners. This means that the little energy they use is maximized to the fullest with minimal waste.

Longer operating life

Since new and improved systems reduce the on-and-off cycling associated with their older counterparts, they essentially require fewer repairs and they last longer. You will not have to repair every now and then. This reduces the maintenance costs of your system and enhances its lifespan.

Peace of mind and quite

New high-efficient air conditioners feature high-tech sound absorbing features which prevent the system from producing loud noise when in operation. This means that you will only feel that the air con is functional but you will not hear any noise. You will sleep soundly at night with the air conditioner on without worrying about the noise it produces.

Superior air flow

Modern high-efficiency air conditioners have variable speed motors that enhance consistent air flow in your home. This ensures that there is better air flow in your home, and it helps in removing impurities in the air and mold. You will enjoy living in a pleasant and healthy environment.

In conclusion, investing in new high-efficiency air conditioners is not only beneficial to your pocket in terms of reduced energy bills, but also is beneficial to your health.

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