Benefits of A HRV System

More and more homes and buildings are being constructed today with a keen attention to a tight building envelope. This generally means that they are being constructed with emphasis on energy efficiency, better indoor air quality and increased longevity of the structure itself. Heat recovery ventilation also known as HRV system is a whole home heating system that uses fans, control systems and heat-recovery elements to exhaust stale air from a building and bring in air fresh air from outdoors.

Before the fresh air from outside is released into the house, the heat energy that was absorbed along with the stale air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air. There are several benefits of HRV systems as can be seen below:

Continuous clean fresh indoor air

A HRV system supplies fresh clean air continuously into your house at all times. The system has the capacity to remove indoor pollutants, bad odors and reduce humidity. This ensures that you and your family live in a healthy environment with plenty of fresh air.

It is energy efficient

The heat recovery ventilation system is designed to operate optimally at a low energy consumption level. This means that you will enjoy living in a healthy environment without spending a lot of money as energy bills. It is designed to absorb heat and air from your house, pump it to the outside environment, absorb fresh air from the outside and pump it into your house without using too much energy.

Reduces condensation

Dampness and condensation are among the most common problems faced by most homeowners. Condensation can cause a number of health issues to the people living in your home and can lead to growth of molds in your home. A HRV system removes all water vapor that is produced in the home and ensures that there is no moisture that will cause condensation and dampness in your home.

Easy to install

The good thing about the HRV system is that, it is compact in size. This means that it can be installed in the attic, in the adjoining garage or basement. Other models can be easily fitted in a hot-press in the kitchen. This means that you can fit the unit anywhere in the house without taking up too much space.


These systems require minimal maintenance and they last longer. With proper and professional installation, a unit can serve you for years without breaking down. Scheduled maintenance practices are however required once in a while.

If you want a home that is free from rot, mold and one that gets constant supply of fresh air, you should consider installing a HRV system.

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Benefits of A HRV System