Why Does the Government Offer Rebates and Credits?

The Canadian government recently announced a $100 million program to help homeowners in Canada to upgrade their furnaces, water heaters and insulation systems. This is a rebate or credit program aimed at enabling homeowners to upgrade their homes and save money as far as energy bills and energy consumption are concerned. Why does the government offer rebates or credits to homeowners? Here are some of the reasons:

To support energy efficiency

Most Canadian homes are not energy efficient. Most homeowners still use obsolete home appliances that use and waste a lot of energy. To encourage homeowners and businesses to be more energy efficient, the government has to come in and offer incentives and credits to those who will upgrade and change their old systems to new technological systems that are energy efficient.

Encourage the use of renewable energy

Most countries are moving towards renewable energy programs. In order to show the government’s commitment and willingness to pursue and encourage the use of renewable energy, home owners who have solar energy systems, fuel cells small residential wind turbines and geothermal heat pumps are given tax credits. However, you will have to get certification from the concerned authorities to ensure that you are compliant with the existing regulations and government policies.

Lessen pollution

Carbon dioxide gas emissions have increased in the recent past and most governments across the globe are looking for ways to cut down their carbon gas emissions. We all know the negative effects of carbon dioxide gas emissions to the ozone layer and the environment as a whole. It has been blamed for the irregular weather patterns and global warming. Therefore, to lessen pollution, the government has decided to offer private citizens tax credits and rebates in order to encourage them to conserve energy by using less environment polluting options like renewable energy systems and techniques.

Support energy conservation efforts

Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility. The nonrenewable energy that is used by most economies across the world will be depleted someday. Therefore, it is essential that this energy is used efficiently and not wasted. The best way to ensure that people conserve energy is by offering them incentives, rebates and credits on their conservation efforts. If people see the benefits they get from conserving the energy, the entire country will be encouraged to conserve the energy and this will go a long way to benefit the economy as a whole.

In conclusion, the government’s initiative to offer rebates and tax credits towards energy conservation is a good move towards ensuring that Canadian homes are energy efficient and also to conserve the already existing energy sources.


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