Remove upto 99.7% of all particles in your air

Do you have small children at home? Pets? Asthma or Allergy Sufferers? Or just want to breathe clean fresh air in your home? The addition of a Hepa filter does just that. Prevent any household member from getting sick, or stuffy due to all the odors and pollutants in the air, and only breathe in Fresh Air!

Breathe Fresh

A Hepa filter captures up-to 99.7% of all particles and pollutants in the air, making your home a clean breathable one. Dust particles, pollutants, pets shedding, are all commonly found in our air, but not detectable. An ordinary filter may not be able to capture these from your air either, however with an electronic air filter added, it’s strength is used to pull everything in the air, trapping it before it clogs your Furnace or remains in the air.

Fantech HEPA