Energy Efficient Tips

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient bulbs will help lower your bills and help the planet.

Programmable Thermostat

Switch to a programmable thermostat to control temperatures when no one is home.

Cold Water Wash

Use cold-water option on your washing machine.

Energy Efficient Holiday Lights

Use LED holiday lights.

Raise Heat Index

Install a humidifier to raise heat index in your home through moisture.

Controlled Air Conditioning

Keep air conditioner set at 25 degrees or higher.

Turn Off

Use LED holiday lights.

Save energy when you are away

Turn water heater off or set to vacation mode when you’re away.

Upgrade your Tank

Switch to a high efficient insulated hot water tank to reduce heat loss.

Hang Clothes

Hang clothes when possible to dry.

Dryer Lint

Empty dryer lint trap after every load.

Clean Furnace

Have furnace cleaned once each year to maintain efficiency.