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vänEE products come with advanced and carefully developed technology resulting in constantly renewed clean air.
Ventilation systems work on two levels: the principle of ventilation in which exhausting waste air renews the air and blows in the clean air and the principle of filtration in which ambient air is filtered to remove polluting agents and allergens.
vänEE air exchangers are the result of extensive research. Once installed by our team of experts, they provide clean, fresh air.
Indoor air quality is often poorer than outdoor air quality. As houses and buildings are becoming increasingly insulated and virtually air-tight, they become less conducive to optimal ventilation. Air circulation is required to evacuate carbon dioxide, dust, allergenic animal dander, residue from cleaning products and other polluting agents in the air.
vänEE air exchangers work towards achieving and maintaining an excellent level of ambient air quality, both during the summer and winter. They are designed with you, your family and your employees’ health and well-being in mind. Some of the advantages that come with proper airflow are reduced allergy symptoms, easier breathing, less susceptibility to moisture, and more

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– We carry many sizes and models for each brand please contact us if you do not see the exact model you are looking for.
– Pricing does not include additional electrical work outside the scope of installation

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